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Vital Facts About Covid-19

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Poll Reveals Voters Misinformed About Key Issues

Pre-Election Poll: Voters Broadly Misinformed About Key Issues

Four Underused Tools to Stop School Shootings

Roe v. Wade Allows Abortions for All 9 Months of Pregnancy, Not Just the First 3

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Effects of Immigration From Impoverished Nations

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The Most Objective Evidence Shows No Indication That Covid Vaccines Save More Lives Than They Take

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Audit Reveals Federal Finances Are Far Worse Than Publicized Figures

Treasury Data Reveals Federal Shortfall of $614,000 per U.S. Household

A Factual Look at Obama’s Presidency

AOC’s Pitch for the Green New Deal Is Unhinged From Reality

Warren Buffett’s Fraudulent Tax Claims (Part 2)

Treasury Report: Federal Fiscal Shortfall is $603,000 per Household

New Treasury Data Shows Federal Shortfall of $670,000 Per U.S. Household

Federal Government’s 2017 Fiscal Shortfall Is 74% Worse Than Reported Budget Deficit

Federal Fiscal Shortfall Surges Past $100 Trillion

Lack of Assimilation is Economically Harming Latino Immigrants and Society

Substantial Numbers of Non-Citizens Vote Illegally in U.S. Elections

Four Fabrications About Firearms

The Birthright Citizenship Debate

Widespread Poverty Stats Greatly Overstate the Number of Americans Who Are Destitute

Federal Fiscal Shortfall Nears $1 Million Per Household

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…hospitals. As the paper details, “antimicrobial therapy is a sensitive proxy indicator for health care-associated infections (sensitivity, 95 to 100%).” Although comprehensive data is unavailable, the rate of hospital-acquired infections…

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When governments force private health insurance companies to issue coverage to uninsured people with preexisting conditions and charge them the same rates as people who have been paying premiums for…

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…or limited one or more major life activities.” This data is based on a nationally representative survey of about 50,625 adults. To obtain free or affordable mental health care for…

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