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The Washington Post Grossly Understates the Crime Rate of Illegal Immigrants

Illegal Immigrants Are Far More Likely to Commit Serious Crimes Than the U.S. Public

False Arguments Against Evidence of Vote Fraud

Effects of Immigration From Impoverished Nations

Progressive Myths About Mass Shootings and Weapons of War

Climate Change Fears of Teen Activist Are Empirically Baseless

The Hard Facts on Covid-19 Science Denial

How Many Americans Go Hungry?

Social Ills That Plague African Americans Coincide With Leftism, Not Racism

USA Today & Facebook Use Slanderous “Fact Check” to Suppress Facts About Illegal Voting By Non-Citizens

Substantial Numbers of Non-Citizens Vote Illegally in U.S. Elections

The Impact of Obamacare and Ryancare on Medicare

Think Progress Exaggerates Child Hunger by 8,000%

Poll Reveals Voters are Uninformed About Major Issues

Pre-Election Poll: Voters Broadly Misinformed About Key Issues

Lack of Assimilation is Economically Harming Latino Immigrants and Society

Misleading Claims that Fuel Hatred Against Police Officers

Poll Reveals Voters Misinformed About Key Issues

Black People Do Not Suffer Disproportionately From Police Brutality

Media Repeatedly Deceives Public in Hobby Lobby Coverage

Quantifying Illegal Votes Cast by Non-Citizens in the Battleground States of the 2020 Presidential Election

Are Today’s Newborns the Luckiest Generation in U.S. History?

Major Media Stories Ignore Immigration Status of High-Profile Murderer

Rape Facts and Falsehoods

PolitiFact Warps Reality About Left-Wing Activist Inciting Capitol Riot

Media and Politicians Twist Trump’s Words About Charlottesville

How Often Do Citizens Use Guns to Stop Violence?

Debt Versus Deficit: Obama’s Bait and Switch

Media Outlets Stir Racial Strife and Slander Trump for Urging Governors to Protect People’s Rights

New Data on Hunger in the United States

What the $20 Trillion National Debt Means to You

Bernie Sanders’ Education Plan is Rife With Deceit

Media Misinformation About Arming Teachers

Is President Trump’s Border Wall an Outdated, Ineffective Strategy?

Reporters Distort the Truth About Government Spending

Blame for the National Debt

Is Ocean Life on the Brink of Mass Extinction?

Widespread Poverty Stats Greatly Overstate the Number of Americans Who Are Destitute

Wash Post Repeatedly Botches Fact Check of Trump’s State of the Union Address

How Hard and Effectively do Americans Work?

Is the Official Covid-19 Death Toll Accurate?

Do Large National Debts Harm Economies?

The School Segregation Farce

Maddow’s Tax and Deficit Doubletalk

Busing, Segregation, and Education

Krugman and Obama Mislead on Debts and Deficits

Should the U.S. Adopt Australia’s Strict Gun Laws?

Four Fabrications About Firearms

Myths about School Choice and Betsy DeVos

Insecticide Ban, Not Global Warming, Accords With Outbreak of Disease-Carrying Insects

Vital Facts About Covid-19

Donald Trump and the Media Agree on Middle-Class Income, and They are Both Wrong

Thomas Jefferson, Racism, and Slavery

AOC’s Baseless Accusation That the U.S. Is a “Brutal, Barbarian Society”

PolitiFact’s Deceptive Report on Illegal Voting by Non-Citizens

Social Security Has Been Boosted, Not Looted

Five Fallacies About Guns and Violence

Visa Overstays Don’t Negate the Benefits of Border Barriers

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Which of the following nations has the highest reported Covid-19 death rate measured as a portion of the population? 5 As of August 6, 2020, Belgium has the highest reported…

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Question of the Day

Are illegal immigrants more likely to commit serious, imprisonable crimes than the general U.S. population? 2 Data from the U.S. Census Bureau and Department of Justice show that illegal immigrants…

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Question of the Day

Which of the following states had the highest portion of their population diagnosed with Covid-19 over the past week? 3 On April 7, 2021, the CDC published data showing that…

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Question of the Day

Are Hispanic immigrants more or less likely than the general U.S. population to prefer a bigger government that provides more services? 3 A nationally representative bilingual poll of 784 immigrant…

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Question of the Day

…of China.” Taiwan is currently forbidden from having representation at the UN while having a larger population than 72% of UN members and a larger economy than 85% of them….

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Question of the Day

…any type of weather-related fatalities, including hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, heat waves, or cold spells. This has occurred in spite of population increases in areas that are prone to extreme weather….

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Question of the Day

Taking account of the increased population and development of U.S. coastal regions, have economic damages from hurricanes generally increased over the past century? 2 A 2018 paper in the journal…

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Question of the Day

…nation’s land area would this cover? 3 At the current U.S. population growth rate and the current per-person trash production rate, the landfill would cover 0.06% of the nation’s land…

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