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Capitol Hill Riot Incitement

Did an anti-Trump antifa activist play a role in inciting the Capitol Hill riot?

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Video footage on 1/6/21 shows John Earle Sullivan using a megaphone to incite people to storm, vandalize, and burn the U.S. Capitol. He is also caught on tape breaking a window and offering a knife to help someone break through a door. After that, he is recorded celebrating with Jade Sacker (a photojournalist who has done work for NBC and NPR) while they say, "I'll give you your hug now. We did it!" and "I was trying to tell you. I couldn't say much." Sullivan's Twitter accounts were rife with antifa hashtags, and a video of him at an anti-Trump protest shows him yelling, "We gotta fu**in rip Trump outta that office right over there.... We ain't about fu**ing waiting till the next election." In spite of these facts, PolitiFact claimed "there's no proof" Sullivan incited rioting at the U.S. Capitol, and Facebook used that so-called "fact check" to justify flagging and reducing distribution of a post which accurately said that he did.

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