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Pre-Election Poll: Voters Broadly Misinformed About Key Issues

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Warren Buffett’s Fraudulent Tax Claims (Part 2)

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Lack of Assimilation is Economically Harming Latino Immigrants and Society

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Busing, Segregation, and Education

New Treasury Data Shows Federal Shortfall of $670,000 Per U.S. Household

Are Today’s Newborns the Luckiest Generation in U.S. History?

AOC’s Baseless Accusation That the U.S. Is a “Brutal, Barbarian Society”

Effects of Immigration From Impoverished Nations

Rape Facts and Falsehoods

Treasury Report: Federal Fiscal Shortfall is $603,000 per Household

Donald Trump and the Media Agree on Middle-Class Income, and They are Both Wrong

Media Promotes Junk Science on Fetal Pain

Substantial Numbers of Non-Citizens Vote Illegally in U.S. Elections

The Impact of Obamacare and Ryancare on Medicare

The School Funding Inequity Farce

Taking Social Security Off-Budget

Federal Government’s 2017 Fiscal Shortfall Is 74% Worse Than Reported Budget Deficit

Media Repeatedly Deceives Public in Hobby Lobby Coverage’s Double Standards on the Stimulus

Treasury Data Reveals Federal Shortfall of $614,000 per U.S. Household

Education Funding and Results

Social Security Trust Fund to Begin Declining in 2014, Not 2021

Social Security’s Trust Fund to Start Losing Value in 2013

Media Hypocrisy on Inciting Violence

Are the Oceans Plagued by Plastic?

Hunger Games: Reporters and Pundits Greatly Exaggerate Hunger in America

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…caused by global warming would “immediately threaten that large fraction of the globe living at sea level” and create an exodus of “eco- refugees” unless “the global warming trend is…

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Question of the Day

Has the portion of the world’s population that is undernourished risen or declined since 2000? 2 Despite predictions that global warming and overpopulation would cause massive famines, the portion of…

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Question of the Day

…journal “Nature Climate Change” found “a persistent and widespread increase” in “greening” or plant growth “over 25% to 50% of the global vegetated area” from 1982 to 2014, “whereas less…

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Question of the Day

…before instrumental measurements were made on a global scale. Proxies are aspects of nature that respond to climate, such as the widths of tree rings. Proxy studies are uncertain, and…

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Question of the Day

How many global extinctions of marine animal species have been recorded in the last 50 years? 3 Per a 2015 paper in the journal Science, the International Union for Conservation…

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Question of the Day

Have weather-related deaths from hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, heat waves, or cold spells generally increased in the U.S. over the past half century? 2 Contrary to repeated predictions that climate change

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…Per the paper: “A normalization estimates direct economic losses (damage) from an historical extreme event were it to occur under contemporary societal conditions.” As evidence that global warming is causing…

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…Nature: “Here we analyze 35 years’ worth of satellite data and provide a comprehensive record of global land-change dynamics during the period 1982-2016. We show that … tree cover has…

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…divided by their annual earnings. In other words, it shows how many years it would take a buyer to recoup their investment if the profits of the company don’t change….

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…Tenet stated, “Osama bin Laden and his global network of lieutenants and associates remain the most immediate and serious threat” to the USA. Despite this general intel, the Homeland Security…

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Question of the Day

…the most credible names in international politics and global affairs,” ridiculed her statement as “strange” and reported “this is an extremely far-fetched scenario.” In 2014, Russia invaded Ukraine, and despite…

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