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The Border Is Less Secure Than Ever, and the Implications Are Deadly

Question of the Day

What portion of all U.S. energy consumption is provided by wind energy? During 2021, wind provided 3.4% of all U.S. energy consumption. Because wind speeds fluctuate and are sometimes not…

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Question of the Day

Who receives most of the financial benefits from “green energy” mandates? As detailed in scholarly publications like the encyclopedia “Environmental and Natural Resource Economics,” the financial benefits of “green energy”…

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Question of the Day

…per unit of coal-generated energy decreased by 94%, and nitrogen oxides emissions decreased by 88%. As a result, the U.S. Department of Energy reported in 2010: “While coal used to…

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Question of the Day

If President Obama’s carbon dioxide regulations were implemented, by how much would they have raised the cost of electricity by now? According to a 2013 study by the U.S. Energy

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Question of the Day

Why does the Biden administration oppose the only long-term nuclear energy waste storage facility planned for the U.S.? Because the products of nuclear fission emit hazardous levels of radiation, generate…

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Question of the Day

…and the rate in Alabama is 12.0%. Among many contributors to California’s poverty rate are “green energy” policies that increase the costs of cars, gasoline, electricity, and home heating fuels….

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