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Question of the Day

What portion of all U.S. energy consumption is provided by solar energy? 3 During 2019, solar provided 1.0% of all U.S. energy consumption. Contrary to the claims of certain politicians,…

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Question of the Day

What portion of U.S. energy consumption is provided by wind energy? 3 During 2019, wind energy provided 2.7% of U.S. energy consumption. Because wind speeds fluctuate and are sometimes not…

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Question of the Day

According to the Obama administration’s Department of Energy, by how much would Obama’s regulatory agenda for CO2 have raised the cost of electricity by 2022? 3 In 2013, the U.S….

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Question of the Day

…of transportation for our nation’s energy products…. Oil pipeline spills amount to … less than one teaspoon of oil spilled per thousand barrel-miles.” Likewise, an evaluation of the Keystone pipeline…

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