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Solar Energy Costs and Impacts

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Washington Post Buried Proof of Joe Biden’s Bribery

Pre-Election Poll: Voters Broadly Misinformed About Key Issues

Poll Reveals Voters are Uninformed About Major Issues

Bans on Plastic Bags Harm the Environment

Smoking Gun: Newly Discovered Emails Confirm Joe Biden Obstructed Justice For His Son’s Foreign Business Deal

Reporters Wrong: Romney Pays a Far Higher Federal Tax Rate Than Most Americans

The Science of Abortion: When Does Life Begin?

Quantitative Easing: Who Wins and Who Loses?

How Hard and Effectively do Americans Work?

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2017: The Year in Facts and Falsehoods

Effects of Immigration From Impoverished Nations

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The Birthright Citizenship Debate

Rape Facts and Falsehoods

The New York Times Regularly Publishes Falsehoods That Spur Violent Unrest and Civic Dysfunction

The Facts of Science Prove That Each Human Life Begins at Fertilization

Finally: Professors and Media Tout Powerful Covid-Killing Technology

The Border Is Less Secure Than Ever, and the Implications Are Deadly

Everything You’ve Heard About the Debt Limit is Wrong

Joe Biden’s Email Alias Escorted Phone Numbers of Top U.S. Officials to Hunter

Question of the Day

…negative).” (3) Consumers suffer because green energy subsidies promote “inefficient technologies that are more costly,” and this reduces people’s standards of living. Some forms of green energy have environmental benefits,…

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Question of the Day

…its unreliable energy output. Thus, reliance on wind as a major energy source can contribute to electricity blackouts during dangerous weather conditions. These scientific realities limit wind energy production in…

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Question of the Day

…preferences – preferences that seem like they let taxpayers keep their own money, but are actually spending in disguise.” Likewise, the Department of Energy states that such policies “are functionally…

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In Fact

The NY Times is reporting that “thousands” of “renewable energy” companies “are reeling” from a reduction in 1 California solar subsidy that transferred grid costs from solar to non-solar homeowners…

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In Fact

IN FACT, a 1998 World Bank study found that “most” foreign aid “appears to be fungible,” and nations receiving aid for “agriculture, education, and energy reduce their own resources going…

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In Fact

Cal Berkeley professor Robert Reich claims that “Arkansas has one of the highest rates of child poverty” and that conservatives don’t “put the same energy into fighting poverty as they…

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In Fact

IN FACT, hard evidence proves Joe Biden repeatedly met with them, carried out their orders, and received their money. That includes $40,000 laundered from a Chinese energy company by Joe’s…

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In Fact

IN FACT, China has the ability to blackmail Joe Biden because he covertly met with the chairman of an energy company that was an arm of the Chinese government, empowered…

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In Fact

…lower environmental impacts than cotton totes and paper bags. Plastic bags are more economical and eco-friendly than other options because it takes very little energy and materials to produce them….

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