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FBI Jeffrey Epstein Search

What did the FBI agents who searched Jeffrey Epstein's New York mansion do with the trove of sexually explicit photos and CDs that they found in Epstein's safe?

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Two days after the federal government arrested Jeffrey Epstein in 2019 for "sex trafficking of minors," the Department of Justice sent a letter to a judge stating that a search of Epstein's New York residence found "an extraordinary volume of photographs of nude and partially-nude young women or girls" and "compact discs" in "a locked safe" with "hand-written labels" like "Girl pics nude" and "Young [Name] + [Name]." However, the FBI agents who conducted the search abandoned this evidence, thus allowing one of Epstein's most notorious accomplices to take it and potentially scrub it before giving it to the federal government four days later. According to Epstein's victims, he sexually blackmailed wealthy and powerful people by using hidden cameras to record them having sex with minors. To this day, the federal government hasn't revealed the names of the people that were written beside the "young" females on the CDs in Epstein's safe.

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