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Child Hunger

On an average day, what portion of U.S. households with children have at least one child who experiences hunger?

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Per the latest data from the USDA, 0.14%, or less than one out of every 700 U.S. households with children have any child who experiences hunger on an average day. This includes children who are hungry due to poverty, not those who skip meals because they are late for school, don't feel like eating, or are trying to lose weight. Media outlets often claim that child hunger is much more common than reality by equating USDA data on "food insecurity" with "hunger." Yet, the USDA explicitly states that "low food security" means "reports of reduced quality, variety, or desirability of diet" but "little or no indication of reduced food intake." Prior to 2006, the USDA's label for such households reflected this reality and was called "food insecurity without hunger."

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