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Which of the following organizations or people falsely claimed that "Covid-19 spreads less efficiently than" the flu?

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On March 3, 2020, the Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO) gave a press conference in which he stated that "Covid-19 spreads less efficiently than flu." More than two weeks before this, a medical journal summarized the results of 12 studies that estimated the contagiousness of C-19, all of which found that it was more contagious than the flu. Despite the fact that WHO spread this deadly falsehood and others about Covid-19, Google worked with WHO to ensure that the first results for searches on Covid-19 lead straight to WHO. Google/YouTube also enacted a policy of censoring people who post content "that contradicts the World Health Organization or local health authorities' medical information about Covid-19," including "content that contradicts WHO or local health authorities' guidance" on "Treatment," "Prevention," "Diagnostic," and "Transmission."

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