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Among girls in the U.S. who are sex trafficked before the age of 18, how many times will the average victim be raped over her lifetime?

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An investigation by Shared Hope International using U.S. Department of Justice-funded task forces found: "Utilizing a conservative estimate, a domestic minor sex trafficking victim who is rented for sex acts with five different men per night, for five nights per week, for an average of five years, would be raped by 6,000 buyers during the course of her victimization through prostitution." Sex traffickers often target minors because they are easier to manipulate than adults, many buyers will pay a premium for sex with a child, and traffickers can better maintain control over their victims if they establish early dominance through psychological intimidation, fostering physical and emotional dependency, beatings, rapes, drugging, blackmail, abduction, and confinement.

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