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Since the Taliban overthrew in elected government of Afghanistan, have women been treated better, worse, or the same?

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Based on interviews with Afghan citizens, aid workers, and journalists, Amnesty International reported on 7/27/22 that since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan in August 2021, they "have violated women's and girls' rights to education, work and free movement; decimated the system of protection and support for those fleeing domestic violence; detained women and girls for minor violations of discriminatory rules; and contributed to a surge in the rates of child, early and forced marriage." The interviews also found that "women who peacefully protested against these oppressive rules have been threatened, arrested, detained, tortured, and forcibly disappeared." Scientific surveys conducted from 2005 through 2014 found that 82-92% of the people of Afghanistan preferred the nation's elected government over the Taliban that previously ruled the nation, but President Biden withdrew all U.S. military protection in 2021, allowing for an insurrection.

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