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In the United Kingdom during 2022, what portion of all deaths involving Covid-19 have been among people who were fully vaccinated and boosted?

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An accurate measure of the vaccine status of people who die with Covid-19 is available from the United Kingdom, where government keeps detailed healthcare records on nearly all citizens. The latest data from the UK Office of National Statistics shows that 74% of all deaths involving Covid-19 from 1/1/22 to 5/31/22 were among people who were fully vaccinated and boosted. As the UK Health Security Agency has explained, "it is expected that a large proportion of cases, hospitalisations and deaths would occur in vaccinated individuals, simply because a larger proportion of the population are vaccinated than unvaccinated and no vaccine is 100% effective. This is especially true because vaccination has been prioritised in individuals who are more susceptible or more at risk of severe disease."

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