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What portion of the people who fail federal background checks for firearm purchases are prosecuted by the federal government for attempting to illegally buy a gun?

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The federal government has prosecuted less than 1% of people who have failed federal background checks for attempting to illegally buy a gun. During 2017, for example, the federal government conducted 8.6 million firearm background checks resulting in over 112,000 denials, prosecuted 12 people based on these denials, and obtained 8 guilty pleas, or less than 0.01% of the denials. Per the U.S. Justice Department, the "vast majority" of denials are for people who are not "a danger to the public because the prohibiting factors are often minor or based on incidents that occurred many years in the past." For instance, people have failed background checks and been denied their Second Amendment rights for decades-old felony convictions like stealing a pig or stealing hubcaps.

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