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How many young female gymnasts were allegedly sexually abused by Dr. Larry Nassar AFTER the FBI was given evidence that he was committing these assaults?

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As documented by the Inspector General (IG) of the U.S. Department of Justice, "approximately 70 or more young athletes were allegedly sexually abused by Nassar under the guise of medical treatment" AFTER the FBI was given evidence in July 2015 that this was occurring. The IG also found that (1) the FBI "did not document" a "September 2015 victim interview" until "17 months after the interview occurred"; (2) the FBI's documentation of this interview "included materially false information and omitted material information"; (3) at least two FBI agents made false statements to the IG about their roles in this affair; (4) one of these agents applied for a job with USA Gymnastics while offering to create an "FBI public statement that would place USA Gymnastics in a positive light"; (5) FBI field offices in Detroit and Los Angeles failed to report the abuse to state or local authorities; (6) the U.S. Department of Justice "declined" to prosecute any of the FBI agents involved in this affair.

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