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Are AR-style rifles useful for home defense?

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Among eight firearm experts interviewed in 2015 by the magazine Tactical Life, three of them use an AR-style rifle to defend their home, four use a handgun, and one uses both. Kyle E. Lamb - one of the nation's "most respected" gun trainers - stated in a 2015 interview that he prefers an AR for home defense because it is more accurate than a handgun, has less recoil, and is easier to shoot for the average person. Contrary to the claims of certain media outlets, AR-style rifles are also used for hunting. Journalists and politicians often misportray ARs as "assault rifles" or "weapons of war," but they lack the defining feature of such weapons: the ability to fire multiple bullets with a single pull of a trigger. Instead, ARs can fire only one bullet with each trigger pull. The acronym "AR" does not stem from "assault rifle" but from "Armalite Rifle," the company that developed it in the 1950s.

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