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Which of the following nations has not sanctioned a Russian billionaire who owns a company which builds drones used to bomb Ukraine?

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A Russian billionaire named Vladimir Yevtushenkov has recently been sanctioned by Australia and the United Kingdom but not by the Biden administration, which has control over U.S. sanctions. Yevtushenkov is a friend of Vladimir Putin and the primary owner of Russia's Sistema Group, which owns a company named Kronshtadt that manufactures the Orion drone. The Russian military has used the Orion drone to destroy at least 9 targets in its war against Ukraine. The laptop of Hunter Biden, the son of President Biden, reveals several personal meetings between Hunter and Yevtushenkov. For example, a calendar entry states, "RHB [Robert Hunter Biden] dinner with Vladimir Yevtushenkov, President of Russian Holding Company Sistema - Location: Sistema ... Moscow."

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