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Up until what point of pregnancy does Roe v. Wade prohibit states from banning abortion?

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Contrary to media reports which claim that Roe v. Wade prohibits states from banning abortion until the first trimester or viability, Roe actually mandates that abortion be legal up to birth if any one doctor licensed to perform abortions says that an abortion is needed for the "health of the mother." Roe cites specific examples of what may be considered harmful to a mother's health, such as the "stigma of unwed motherhood," the work of "child care," and the distress of having an "unwanted child." Regarding this, late-term abortionist Warren Hern stated, "I will certify that any pregnancy is a threat to a woman's life and could cause grievous injury to her physical health." Many states have passed laws that defy Roe, but Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have promised to repeal all of them through a federal law that codifies Roe. On 9/24/21, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill that would do just that if it passes the Senate and becomes law.

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