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When a Chinese spy was arrested in 2017 for attempting to bribe the presidents of two African nations, who was the first person he called?

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In 2017, the FBI arrested a Chinese citizen named Patrick Ho at JFK airport in New York City. Per an FBI press release, Ho was then convicted and "sentenced to 3 years in prison for international bribery and money laundering offenses." These included "offering the president of Chad $2 million in cash, hidden in gift boxes" and scheming "to pay a $500,000 cash bribe" to the president of Uganda and offering to provide him and other officials "with additional corrupt benefits by 'partnering' with them and their families in future joint ventures in Uganda." When he was arrested, Ho's first call was to James Biden, the brother of Joe Biden. In 2018, Ho paid $1 million to Hunter Biden for unidentified legal services, and Hunter called Ho the "spy chief of China." Ho was the head of CEFC Energy, which had a joint venture with Hunter. An email on Hunter's laptop proposes giving 10% of this venture to "the big guy," and a partner in the venture has verified that this "big guy" is "Joe Biden."

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