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Who stated that the current Covid-19 vaccines "will ultimately need to be replaced" by "vaccines that induce more broadly protective and more durable immunity"?

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In a commentary published by the New England Journal of Medicine on December 15, 2021, Dr. Anthony Fauci and two coauthors wrote, "The limitations of SARS-CoV-2 vaccines suggest that they will ultimately need to be replaced by second-generation vaccines that induce more broadly protective and more durable immunity." A Google search reveals a total of zero major national media outlets that have reported Fauci's admission. Contrary to what governments, the media, and big tech have led people to believe, the current crop of Covid-19 vaccines have serious shortcomings, such as these: (1) The vaccines are injected into muscles, which produces little-to-no immunity in the upper respiratory tract. (2) The vaccines target only one area of the virus called the "Spike protein," while naturally acquired immunity targets the entire virus. (3) The vaccines trigger an immune reaction to a few Spike variants, while naturally acquired immunity attacks a diverse array of Spike variants.

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