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In the first month of the Covid-19 pandemic, which of the following individuals or organizations accurately estimated the death rate for people who contract Covid-19?

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In March 2020 during the first month of the Covid-19 pandemic, the World Health Organization announced that the death rate for people who contract C-19 is "about 3.4%," while Anthony Fauci said it was "around 1%," and Donald Trump said it was "way under 1%." The figures from WHO and Fauci suffer from a fatal flaw that medical scholars have repeatedly refuted since the outset of the pandemic: they don't account for asymptomatic or mild infections that are not reported to governments. Trump's figure, on the other hand, has been confirmed by studies from Oxford University's Center for Evidence-Based Medicine (0.1%-0.35%), the Bulletin of the World Health Organization (0.23%), and others. While ignoring these facts and using the same faulty methodology as those early false claims, PolitiFact published an article in 2021 claiming that the C-19 death rate was 1.7%, and Facebook used this bogus "fact check" to censor posts that accurately shared much smaller figures from the CDC.

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