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Do N95 masks cause headaches?

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A 2006 study found that 37.3% of healthcare workers "reported headaches when they wore the N95 face-mask," and 62.7% of them "had no pre-existing headaches." Likewise, a 2020 study found that 81.0% of frontline healthcare workers developed headaches when wearing personal protective equipment, which included N95 masks and eye protection. Among them, 81.3% developed a headache within 60 minutes of putting on the mask, and 88% had a "headache resolved spontaneously" within 30 minutes of taking off the mask. Media outlets are now telling the general public to wear N95 masks without revealing that N95 masks and the levels of CO2 in them cause cardio-pulmonary stress, possible fatal cardiac events, and "large and statistically significant reductions" in complex decision-making ability. Gold standard studies have inconsistently found that N95 masks prevent the spread of contagious respiratory diseases in healthcare settings with viruses that are much less contagious than the Omicron variant.

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