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In a recent nationwide study in Denmark, for how long did the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines provide statistically significant protection against infection with the Omicron variant?

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A recent nationwide study (undergoing peer review) in Denmark found that two doses of the Pfizer vaccine reduced the odds of becoming infected with Omicron by 24-74% among people who received the second dose in the prior month. However, this protection "declines rapidly" so that people who received the second dose two months prior had no statistically significant protection. The study also found that a third booster dose reduced the odds of Omicron infection by 30-70% if given in the prior 14 to 44 days. The Moderna vaccine had roughly the same results. Hidden beneath the study's conclusion is a chart showing that UNVACCINATED people were 20-95% LESS likely to become infected with Omicron than those who received the second dose 4 to 5 months prior. Initial studies on C-19 vaccines among healthy people show that the side effects tend to worsen with each dose and may be fatal. All such studies are tentative because vaccine manufacturers ended their randomized controlled trials early.

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