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In 2019, the World Health Organization analyzed 10 "gold standard" studies about the effects of masks on preventing the spread of the flu. How many of these found that masks work?

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In 2019 - the year before the Covid-19 pandemic began - the World Health Organization (WHO) published a lengthy analysis of different strategies to limit the impact of the flu in "community" or "non-healthcare" settings. This included 10 "gold standard" studies about using masks to prevent the spread of the flu. Called "randomized controlled trials" or "RCTs," these studies provide "a rigorous tool to examine cause-effect," which "is not possible with any other study design." WHO's analysis found that all "ten RCTs" revealed "no evidence that face masks are effective in reducing transmission" of the flu. Covid-19 differs from the flu, and one of the main differences is that C-19 is much more transmissible. This makes it even harder for masks to have any positive effects on reducing the spread of C-19. In Dec. 2021, the journal Science published a mask RCT conducted in Bangladesh that claims to have found positive results. Just Facts will be publishing a devastating rebuttal to it.

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