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Did Donald Trump or anyone in his administration tear gas peaceful protestors for a photo op?

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A newly released investigation by the Inspector General of the Department of the Interior found that every element of the frequent claim that Donald Trump "tear-gassed peaceful protestors" for a "photo op" in Lafayette Square is false. Per the report: (1) The U.S. Park Police who cleared the square did so to install "antiscale fencing in response to" the "injury" of "at least 49" Park Police officers and the vandalization of "federal and private property" by "Black Lives Matter" protestors. (2) The Park Police "did not know about the President's" visit to the area until "hours after it had begun developing its operational plan and the fencing contractor had arrived in the park." (3) The Park Police "did not use CS gas" (i.e., tear gas) to clear the protestors. (4) The DC Police Department, which was under the authority of DC mayor Muriel Bowser, used tear gas in the area without "the control or direction" of the Park Police. Yet, Bowser blamed Trump for this at the DNC Convention.

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