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How much government money will the average family of 4 with 2 unemployed parents receive under Covid-19 "relief" laws that are already passed?

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During 2020 and early 2021, federal politicians enacted 6 "Covid relief" laws that will cost a total of about $5.3 trillion over the course of a decade. This amounts to an average of $41,036 in spending per U.S. household, with some receiving considerably more than others. Under these laws, the average family of 4 with 2 unemployed parents will receive $11,400 in "stimulus" checks, $7,200 in child tax credits, $8,000 in child and dependent care tax credits, and $82,448 in unemployment checks through September 2021. This amounts to an average of $109,048 per household. Many of the same people will also receive rental assistance, free healthcare, student assistance, and other government payouts. Some of the unemployment benefits were available under previously enacted laws, but these were generally limited to 26 weeks at an average of $387 per week, or a total of $10,062 per person.

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