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Does U.S. law protect living pre-birth humans from being deliberately dismembered after they have developed enough to make conscious movements, sleep, awake, and hear sounds?

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Per the scientific journal PLoS ONE, pre-birth humans exhibit conscious "motor planning" and "social behavior" by "the 14th week of gestation." The American Medical Association Complete Medical Encyclopedia states: "At 20 weeks ... the fetus now sleeps and wakes and hears sounds." More than 15,000 abortions are performed each year in the U.S. at 21 weeks or later, and the vast bulk of them are elective and not for medical reasons. Dismemberment is the most common type of late-term abortion procedure, and it involves pulling the limbs off unsedated pre-birth humans. There are currently no federal laws against dismemberment abortions at any stage of pregnancy. Some states have enacted laws to prohibit this procedure after certain developmental milestones, but courts have blocked them. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have promised to affirmatively legalize such abortions up to the point of birth and pay for them with taxpayer money.

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