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Did the 1.9 million Swedish children who attended school in the Spring of 2020 while masks were not required or encouraged have a higher rate of C-19 infections than children in the neighboring nation of Finland that closed its schools?

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Sweden was one of the few nations of the world that did not close its day care or primary schools in the spring of 2020. Nor did Swedish schools require or encourage the country's 1.9 million schoolchildren to wear masks. In July 2020, the Public Health Agency of Sweden published a study comparing C-19 cases among children and youth up through the age of 19 in Sweden to the neighboring country of Finland, which closed its schools. The study found (1) there was "no difference" in the incidence of C-19 infections, (2) none of the children or youth died from C-19, (3) ICU admittances were "very rare," and (4) teachers "showed no increased risk" of C-19 over other professions. A study published by the New England Journal of Medicine in February 2021 found similar results.

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