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On average, how much do federal, state, and local governments spend per year on social programs (like healthcare, income security, and education) for every household in the U.S.?

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In 2019 (latest available data), federal, state, and local governments spent $4,240 billion on social programs like healthcare, income security, and education. This amounts to an average of $32,976 for every household in the United States. From 1959 to 2019, spending on social programs increased from 30% of all government outlays to 62%. Since then, federal politicians have enacted six "Covid relief" laws that will spend about $5.3 trillion over the course of a decade, mainly on social programs. This amounts to another $41,036 in spending per U.S. household. Comprehensive data on this federal spending and state and local government social spending in 2020 is not yet available.

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