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Did the Covid-19 model that was used throughout the world to justify mass lockdowns show that they would save more lives than they cost?

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The C-19 model used to justify mass lockdowns was created by the Imperial College of London. A study published by the British Medical Journal later found that this model never "specifically modelled" the lockdown, and the advice given to policymakers was focused "on reducing total number of cases and not the number of deaths." The model actually shows that once some basic preventative measures are in place like quarantining infected people and social distancing for the elderly: (1) the "closure of schools and universities would increase the total number of deaths." (2) "general social distancing" of the entire population would "increase the total number of deaths." (3) "postponing the spread of Covid-19 means that more people are still infectious and are available to infect older age groups, of whom a much larger fraction then die." In addition to causing more C-19 deaths, lockdowns trigger hordes of other deaths by causing anxiety, depression, missed medical care, and poverty.

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