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A 1958 Gallup poll found that 8% of white Southerners were willing to vote for a black president. What is this figure now?

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Gallup polls conducted in 1999 through 2015 found that 92% to 95% of white Southerners are willing to vote for a black president. As explained by Gallup, 95% is "essentially universal willingness to state to an interviewer that the race of a candidate for president would make no difference." The portion of non-white voters willing to vote for a black president are essentially the same and within the surveys' margins of error: 92% in 1999, 98% in 2012, and 93% in 2015. Despite these facts and many others with similar implications, certain politicians, media outlets, and activists have leveled charges of racism at broad groups of Americans based on half-truths and outright falsehoods. More facts about this are detailed at the links below.

DocumentationRacism in the SouthSocial Ills & RacismBLM Movement

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