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Based on the latest scientific evidence, can humans feel pain at 20 weeks after fertilization?

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Facts from the following 6 scientific journals indicate that humans feel pain from 20 weeks after fertilization or earlier: (1) The New England Journal of Medicine, (2) Fetal Diagnosis and Therapy, (3) Anesthesiology, (4) Behavioral and Brain Sciences, (5) PLoS ONE, (6) Pain: Clinical Updates. Claims to the contrary are based on the unsupported notion that people must have a fully functioning cerebral cortex to feel pain. That theory has been conclusively disproven by a study showing that children who are born without any cerebral cortex still feel pain. The Guttmacher Institute estimates that "more than 15,000" abortions "after 20 weeks" gestation are conducted every year in the United States. Pictures and videos of living humans at this stage of development are shown in the links below.

DocumentationFetal PainHuman Development Late-Term Abortions

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