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Is there any evidence that Fulton County, Georgia officials sent away absentee ballot counters and monitors on election night and then processed ballots in their absence?

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On election night, ABC News reported: "Regina Waller, the Fulton County public affairs manager for elections, told ABC News that the election department sent the State Farm Arena absentee ballot counters home at 10:30 p.m. despite earlier intentions to complete processing Tuesday night." Likewise, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported: "They planned to stop scanning absentee ballots at 10:30 p.m. and pick it up back in the morning. No official could explain before press time why Fulton was stopping its count of absentee ballots at that time, only saying that was the procedure." This is also supported by the sworn affidavit of election monitor Mitchell Harrison and reports by NBC News and local Georgia news outlets, including 11 Alive, Fox 61, The Patch, the North Fulton Neighbor, and ABC 57. Yet, Georgia's Secretary of State denies that anyone was asked to leave. Security video footage shows that several individuals kept processing ballots after everyone else had left.

DocumentationABC News ReportAtlanta Journal Constitution Article Affidavit of Election Monitor Secretary of State DeclarationVideo of Ballot Processing

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