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After Joe Biden forced Ukraine to fire its chief prosecutor by threatening to withhold U.S. aid, did the new chief prosecutor press criminal charges against the corrupt oligarch who was enriching Biden's son?

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Six months after he took office, the new chief prosecutor, who Biden described as "solid," dropped all criminal charges against the corrupt oligarch. This oligarch had placed Biden's son Hunter on the board of his natural gas company in the same month that Joe Biden promised Ukraine that the U.S. would help the nation increase its fossil fuel production. The company then paid a firm controlled by Hunter and his business partner at least $3.3 million. Court records, first-hand sworn testimony, and an email from the oligarch's energy company show that the prosecutor who Joe Biden had fired was actively investigating the oligarch and Hunter. While failing to report these facts, major media outlets are spreading conspiracy theories, half-truths, and outright falsehoods that obscure Joe Biden's actions in Ukraine. The link below contains rigorous documentation of these facts, including sources like court records, bank statements, and White House phone logs.

DocumentationBiden/Ukraine Dealings

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