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In the United States, which of the following racial/ethnic groups is least likely to be pulled over by police for a traffic stop?

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In 2015 (latest available national data), 7.6% of all Hispanic drivers were pulled over in a traffic stop, as compared to 8.6% of all white drivers, and 9.8% of all black drivers. While ignoring the fact that Latinos are pulled over at the lowest rate, many media outlets and activists have cited the higher traffic stop rates of black people as proof of police discrimination. However, such statistics don't account for the disparate rates that individuals of different races engage in behaviors that lead to traffic stops, such as speeding, driving with an expired license plate, or operating a vehicle with a broken headlight or blinker. Thus, a study conducted in NJ found that black drivers were more likely to be pulled over, but "police stop rates matched very closely the rates at which drivers exceeded the speed limit by 15 mph."

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