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Since the outset of the Covid-19 pandemic, what portion of all deaths of U.S. children aged 5-14 years have involved C-19?

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Since the outset of the C-19 pandemic on March 11, the National Center for Health Statistics has recorded 19 deaths involving C-19 for children aged 5-14 and 1,855 deaths from all causes in this age group. This amounts to 1.0%. As explained by the CDC, "The risk of complications for healthy children is higher for flu compared to Covid-19. However, infants and children with underlying medical conditions are at increased risk for both flu and Covid-19." Because the virus that causes C-19 does not mutate nearly as much as flu viruses, C-19 is far less likely to keep taking lives regardless of acquired immunity and vaccines. If this proves true in the long run, as the current genetic evidence indicates, the lifetime risk of dying from C-19 is greatly overstated by comparing its current death toll to common causes of untimely death that occur every year, like the flu, accidents, and suicides.

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