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What portion of all murder victims in the U.S. are comprised of the 13% of the population that is black?

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In 2016, roughly 53% of all murder victims were black, and 4 percentage points of these black victims were killed by whites. In comparison, about 44% of all murder victims were white, and 9 percentage points of these white victims were killed by blacks. Both of these interracial murder rates have varied by less than 3 percentage points over the past half century. In other words, the vast majority of murders involve people of the same races killing each other. There are about 15,000 murders and 6.9 million violent crimes per year in the U.S., and to make sweeping accusations like "systemic racism" based on a small portion of these cases exploits the statistical fact that anecdotes can be highly deceitful and the psychological fact that people are easily misled by them because it's easier to grasp stories than data.

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