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According to the CDC's "current best estimate," what portion of people aged 49 and younger who catch Covid-19 die from it?

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According to the CDC's "current best estimate," 35% of all people who catch Covid-19 never have any symptoms, and among those who have symptoms, 0.4% die. Combining these figures, one in every 714 people who catch C-19 currently die from it [(1/(0.35*0.004))=714]. The CDC also provides such estimates by age, and these show that the total case fatality rate is one in 5,714 for people aged 49 and younger, one in 1,429 for peopled aged 50-64, and one in 220 for peopled aged 65 and older. The much higher fatality rates often reported by the media typically use confirmed infections in their denominators. This grossly undercounts the number of people with the disease, because the vast majority who contract it have mild or no symptoms. Hence, they never get tested, and this makes the death rate seem substantially higher than reality.

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