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Since the time that most provisions of Obamacare were implemented in 2014, have average U.S. life expectancy changes generally improved or deteriorated?

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In the U.S. from 1960 to 2013, the average life expectancy rose by an average of 0.8 years every five years. In contrast, the average life expectancy fell by 0.1 years during the five years since most provisions of Obamacare were implemented in 2014. This recent drop is the largest five-year decline since World War II. Association does not prove causation, so this deterioration cannot be objectively blamed on Obamacare. However, supporters of the law routinely used such associations to promote Obamacare and to impugn the U.S. healthcare system. In reality, life expectancy differences within developed nations are more strongly associated with social and behavioral factors than with healthcare. Genetic predispositions and other variables also play a role in this.

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