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How many of the 1,015 illegal immigrants who were released from the Orange County, CA jail in 2019 and not turned over to ICE because of California's sanctuary law were later arrested for committing new crimes in the same year?

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According to data just released by the Orange County Sheriff's Department: "Restrictions outlined by SB 54 [California's sanctuary law] prevented the Sheriff's Department from notifying ICE on the release of the remaining 1,015 inmates, despite the individuals having ICE detainers. Of those inmates, 238 individuals were re-arrested for new crimes in Orange County including on charges of assault and battery, rape, and robbery, among others. These numbers only reflect individuals arrested on new charges and who were returned back to the Orange County Jail. It does not include individuals who may have committed crimes in Orange County and were released on citation, booked into a city jail or committed offenses in another county's jurisdiction."

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