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Relative to the rates at which people of different races commit murder in the U.S., which of the following races is most likely to be subject to the death penalty?

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In the U.S. over the past two decades, white people comprised 45% of murder perpetrators in cases where law enforcement identified the race of the culprit, 59% of the death row population, and 66% of death penalty executions. In comparison, black people comprised 52% of murder perpetrators, 42% of the death row population, and 32% of death penalty executions. People of other races comprised 2% of murder perpetrators, 2% of the death row population, and 1% of death penalty executions. The portion of murders committed by minorities is understated when accounting only for cases in which law enforcement have identified the perpetrators. This is because roughly 90% of murder perpetrators are the same race as their victims, and murders of black and Hispanic victims are less likely to be solved.

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