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Which is greater: the revenues of the New York Times corporation or the total spending of all federal Republican candidates, Republican political action committees, and Republican special interest groups combined?

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During the 2015-2018 presidential and congressional election cycles, all federal Republican candidates, political action committees, and special interest groups spent an average of $1.36 billion per year. In the same period, the average revenues of the New York Times corporation were $1.64 billion/year, or 20% higher than the Republicans. Federal laws prohibit foreigners from directly donating money to U.S. political campaigns, but they don't prohibit them from owning U.S. media corporations that explicitly endorse political candidates and publish articles, commentaries, and videos that influence public opinion about them. In 2015, Mexican multi-billionaire Carlos Slim became the largest single shareholder of the New York Times corporation. He also loaned the Times $250 million during the financial crisis in 2009.

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