Poll Suggests Clinton’s Sex Not Responsible for Her Loss

Agresti, J. D. (2016, November 10). Poll Suggests Clinton’s Sex Not Responsible for Her Loss. Retrieved from https://www.justfactsdaily.com/poll-suggests-clintons-sex-not-responsible-for-her-loss/
Agresti, James D. “Poll Suggests Clinton’s Sex Not Responsible for Her Loss.” Just Facts. 10 November 2016. Web. 22 February 2020.<https://www.justfactsdaily.com/poll-suggests-clintons-sex-not-responsible-for-her-loss/>.
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James D. Agresti, “Poll Suggests Clinton’s Sex Not Responsible for Her Loss.” Just Facts. November 10, 2016. https://www.justfactsdaily.com/poll-suggests-clintons-sex-not-responsible-for-her-loss/.
Chicago (for bibliographies)
Agresti, James D. “Poll Suggests Clinton’s Sex Not Responsible for Her Loss.” Just Facts. November 10, 2016. https://www.justfactsdaily.com/poll-suggests-clintons-sex-not-responsible-for-her-loss/.

By James D. Agresti
November 10, 2016

As the vote counts of the 2016 presidential contest began pouring in on election night, supporters of Hillary Clinton offered a simple explanation for the results: sexism. This has become one of the rallying cries of anti-Trump protestors who have set fires in streets, thrown bottles at police officers, and blocked roadways.

Politico reported that “many women” at Clinton’s election night event in New York City “concluded that the country was sexist and rejected Clinton in a large part because she was a woman.” Among them, Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen said, “I can’t believe this is happening. People hate women.”

Likewise, Cokie Roberts of ABC News declared, “The thing we should raise, and I’m certainly getting emails about it, which is there probably is a strong sentiment about not having a woman president.”

Anti-Trump protesters have since engaged in a series of violent and other unlawful actions while chanting slogans that accuse Trump and his supporters of sexism.

A national poll commissioned by Just Facts shortly before the election casts serious doubt on those allegations. This scientific poll of likely voters posed a series of 25 questions, the last of which was, “All other things being equal, if you were faced with a choice between a male and a female presidential candidate, who would you vote for?”

After the pollers asked that question, they offered each voter the option to reply “Male,” “Female,” “It does not matter,” or “Unsure.”

Overall, 69% of voters said “It does not matter,” 15% preferred a female, 12% preferred a male, 3% were unsure, and 1% refused to answer.

Male voters and Trump voters were more likely than any other groups to say “It does not matter,” at 73% and 72% respectively. The other groups were not far behind and within the margins of error, with rates of:

  • 67% for Clinton voters.
  • 66% for undecided voters.
  • 64% for females.

The most significant difference among these groups is that Clinton voters were more likely to prefer a woman, while Trump voters were more likely to prefer a man. Among Clinton voters, 27% preferred a female and 5% preferred a male. Among Trump voters, 25% preferred a male and 2% preferred a female.

A factor that may have helped Clinton is that both 12% of men and 12% of women preferred a male, but 9% of men and 20% of women preferred a female.

The poll did not measure the intensity of preference for a male or female candidate. Thus, it cannot determine if sex outweighed all other factors and changed anyone’s vote or impacted turnout. However, Clinton’s campaign implicitly encouraged people to support her on the basis of her sex by employing the slogan, “I’m with her.”

The poll was conducted by Conquest Communications Group, a professional polling firm located in Virginia. The responses were obtained through live telephone surveys of 700 voters across the continental United States on October 11–23, 2016. The margin of sampling error for all voters was plus or minus 4% with a 95% level of confidence. The margins of error for the subsets of voters were 7% for Trump voters, 6% for Clinton voters, 10% for undecided voters, 5% for males, and 5% for females.

24 thoughts on “Poll Suggests Clinton’s Sex Not Responsible for Her Loss

  1. I wouldn’t mind having a woman for POTUS is she came from the mold of a Golda Meir, Margaret Thatcher, Michelle Bachman, or Sarah Palin.

    However to elect any woman to POTUS that is corrupt, a law breaker, got rich by a fraudulent charity is and would not be in the best interests of our country. That woman would only be interested in enriching herself.

  2. Not sure how scientific this can be. People lie – did you have them attached to a polygraph machine? More likely a majority of people wouldn’t want to be seen as sexist so rather than choose “male” they chose “doesn’t matter”.

  3. When will we as a people learn to deal with rejection. This mindset that everybody must me treated equal would suggest that no matter how bad you are at anything you are entitled to be rewarded. A cousin of mine explained that at his sons ball game they don’t keep score and at the end of the season everyone gets a trophy .we need to stop this foolishness before they grow up and think that mediocrity with be rewarded equally as greatness. We as a people have done our society a terrible injustice promoting this behavior now we except morally inept as the new norm for our leaders. Spiritually compromised as our new clergy. Rude and offensive is the exceptable social behavior and anyone who has an opposing view is to be shouted Down and ostracized. My mind set has always been life is not fair but to those who do Unto others as you would have them do unto you very rewarding some times you get burned but that is the grace of forgiveness

  4. There are many great woman in politics- condoleeza rice, nicki Haley. — to nominate a woman who is enshrined in corruption, scandal, and has put the security of our country was a disservice to our country and the women who work hard within the rules. I’m proud That none of my daughters have looked to Hillary as an example of how they should be. Time to move on unify and make our country not only great again but better in all areas!!

  5. HRC and her anti gun stance may have had to do more with her losing than people want to think. The ability to defend ones self from a harmful attack may be more ingrained in peoples physic than they realize no matter who they are r what they say.

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  7. Voting for Hillary would just be piling up the problems of the last eight years. And I have come to believe that She would continue the destruction of the Constitution and speed the remaking the USA into a Third World Dictatorship. If she were a woman of shining Character and morals I would have voted for her. But she is a woman of corruption and entitlement so I didn’t. I didn’t have to prove MY womanhood by voting for her just because she has a vagina. Mine works better than hers.

  8. Had it been a decent person with conservative values such as Condleeza Rice or Sarah Palin, I would have voted for her.. However, Hilary with her left wing progressive/Communist views and her criminal background … There was no way,,,,,,

  9. I voted for Trump. I would not hesitate to vote for a woman. Probably make a better President Putting a social socialpathic ,habitual liar in off
    Calling it sexism sounds like a sore loser

  10. I am just sorry for the “people” protesting the election. To have someone like Hillary to represent the females of this country is a shame. She has been noted for having no ethics and for being a liar. There are a lot of woman that would be a good president and to vote for someone just because she is a woman is sad.

  11. Might I suggest that admitting you vote was based on vaginal acumen would eventually come back to bite you in the butt. Subconsciously, you would be always be second guessing how vapid and shallow you actually are! You couldn’t get away from it, that is, if you’re honest with yourself!

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