Just Facts Daily is a project of Just Facts, a nonprofit institute dedicated to researching and publishing verifiable facts about public policy. Research from Just Facts has been widely cited by major media outlets, educational institutions, government entities, academic publishers, and think tanks from across the political spectrum.

On our main website, Just Facts publishes comprehensive research on major policy issues, but here at Just Facts Daily, we provide crisp, factual articles about recent news and current events. Most of these articles debunk falsehoods propagated by media outlets, politicians, academics, and others.

Unlike many fact checkers, Just Facts Daily does not play “gotcha” by correcting people for simple misstatements. Nor do we address topics that have little practical importance. Instead, we focus on major issues that have significant, real-world consequences.

Just Facts Daily typically covers topics that have not been accurately and thoroughly covered by other organizations. There is no need for us to duplicate quality work that is already accessible, so we generally step in when others have not addressed an issue or failed to do so honestly or competently.

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