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Poll Reveals Voters Misinformed About Key Issues

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Poll Reveals Voters are Uninformed About Major Issues

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Question of the Day

Has the earth experienced systemic changes in rainfall or droughts over the past 150 years? 2 Contrary to predictions from people who claimed that global warming would cause more droughts…

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Question of the Day

In 1989, a NASA scientist and leading researcher on global warming projected that the Earth’s average temperature would increase by 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit “by the year 2020.” What was the…

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Question of the Day

…by global warming would “immediately threaten that large fraction of the globe living at sea level” and create an exodus of “eco- refugees” unless “the global warming trend is not…

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Question of the Day

Are local and regional heatwaves, cold spells, and other weather extremes proof of global warming? 2 Media outlets often cite local and regional heatwaves, cold spells, and other weather extremes…

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