Embed the Fact App on Your Website

The Fact App is a quick and effective way to expand your knowledge of important issues and to share this knowledge with others. It is a powerful tool to improve lives by equipping people with information to make truly informed decisions.

We invite you to embed the Fact App on your website to engage and educate your readers. The app is flexible in width and can be easily embedded in a sidebar or the main content area of most any webpage. The background is white, and the graphic design is minimalist to make it look like an integral part of your site.

The Fact App will function on your website without any scripts or code that could interfere with your other content. Moreover, the questions and answers will display entirely on your site, which means that your readers can use the app without leaving your site. If your readers would like to check the documentation for a certain answer or use the social sharing options, a pop-up will permit this, but your website will remain open, thus retaining your readers.

The screenshot below shows the app embedded in both the sidebar and main content area of a generic website. To embed the app in your sidebar, it must be at least 300 pixels wide. The height of the app is 600 pixels.

Just paste the following code snippet into your site…

<script src="http://q.justfactsdaily.com/embed.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

If you have ideas about how we can modify or customize the app to better serve you, please feel free to contact us.

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