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The New York Times Regularly Publishes Falsehoods That Spur Violent Unrest and Civic Dysfunction

The New York Times’ Brazenly False “Fact Check” About Trump’s Impeachment Trial

New York Times Spreads Falsehood That Motivated Murders of Police

Media Repeatedly Deceives Public in Hobby Lobby Coverage

The Hard Facts on Covid-19 Science Denial

Media Misinformation About Arming Teachers

Media Titans Subvert Reality About Biden/Ukraine Profiteering

Social Ills That Plague African Americans Coincide With Leftism, Not Racism

Has Global Warming Turned the North Pole Into a Lake?

Deadly Falsehoods About the Orlando Shooting and Gun Control

Media and Politicians Twist Trump’s Words About Charlottesville

Do Large National Debts Harm Economies?

Media Outlets Stir Racial Strife and Slander Trump for Urging Governors to Protect People’s Rights

The Real “Big Money” in Politics

Does the Obama Mandate Force You to Pay for Abortions?

Media Hypocrisy on Inciting Violence

Progressive Myths About Mass Shootings and Weapons of War

Four Fabrications About Firearms

Virginia Governor Issues False Statement Defending Late-Term Abortions

Has Global Warming Made Rainstorms More Intense?

Yes, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Are Planning to Legalize Abortion Up To Birth

Solar Energy Costs and Impacts

The School Funding Inequity Farce

Myths about School Choice and Betsy DeVos

Media Promotes Junk Science on Fetal Pain

Five Fallacies About Guns and Violence

Covid-19 Is Not a “Pandemic of the Unvaccinated”

Black People Do Not Suffer Disproportionately From Police Brutality

Public School Funding Per Student Averages 80% More Than Private Schools

Major Media Stories Ignore Immigration Status of High-Profile Murderer

The Impact of Obamacare and Ryancare on Medicare

Illegal Immigrants Are Far More Likely to Commit Serious Crimes Than the U.S. Public

Clinton and Obama’s Brazen Lie About the Iraq Withdrawal

Leading Progressives Blame the Wrong Culprit for Rising College Costs

The U.S. is a Democratic Constitutional Republic, and Yes, It Matters

The Effects of Regulations on the Economy

EPA’s Lack of Transparency Is a Breeding Ground for Junk Science

Obama’s Mandate Imposes His Views on All Americans

Misleading Claims that Fuel Hatred Against Police Officers

Should the U.S. Adopt Australia’s Strict Gun Laws?

Bernie Sanders’ Education Plan is Rife With Deceit

Media Bias Fact Check: Incompetent or Dishonest?

Advocates for Social Welfare Benefits Turn the Truth About Federal Spending on Its Head

How Often Do Citizens Use Guns to Stop Violence?

The SAT Is Feeding Students Solar Industry Propaganda

2017: The Year in Facts and Falsehoods

Donald Trump and the Media Agree on Middle-Class Income, and They are Both Wrong

Is Ocean Life on the Brink of Mass Extinction?

Rape Facts and Falsehoods

Think Progress Exaggerates Child Hunger by 8,000%

Krugman and Obama Mislead on Debts and Deficits

Most Late-Term Abortions Are Not Done for Medical Reasons

Five Fables About Medicare

Substantial Numbers of Non-Citizens Vote Illegally in U.S. Elections

How Many Americans Go Hungry?

Widely Touted Study on State and Local Taxes is a Sham

Is the Obama Administration Forcing People to Pay for Abortion-Inducing Drugs?

Fetal Pain Facts and Falsehoods

Do Those Who Doubt Climate Catastrophism Lack Scientific Credibility?

Reporters Distort the Truth About Government Spending

CNN Butchers the Facts on Late-Term Abortions

Support for “Soaking the Rich” Is Rooted in Media Misinformation

The School Segregation Farce

Lack of Assimilation is Economically Harming Latino Immigrants and Society

Paul Krugman’s Claims About the Dangers of Government Debt

Hunger Games: Reporters and Pundits Greatly Exaggerate Hunger in America

Smearing the South With False Charges of Racism

USA Today & Facebook Use Slanderous “Fact Check” to Suppress Facts About Illegal Voting By Non-Citizens

Tax Fairness Question at GOP Debate Rooted in Falsehood Spread by Media

Roe v. Wade Allows Abortions for All 9 Months of Pregnancy, Not Just the First 3

Is President Trump’s Border Wall an Outdated, Ineffective Strategy?

Newt and the Associated Press Distort Obama’s Born-Alive Abortion Record

The Associated Press Distorts Obama’s Born-Alive Abortion Record

Activists and Journalists Mislead the Public About Carbon Pollution

New Data on Hunger in the United States

The Term “Carbon Pollution” Is Unscientific and Misleading

The Tax Rates of Wall Streeters and Steelworkers

How Hard and Effectively do Americans Work?

Warren Buffett’s Fraudulent Tax Claims

Warren Buffett’s Fraudulent Tax Claims (Part 2)

Myths and Causes of Income Inequality

The Emanuel Church Murders and Racial Violence

Obamacare’s Effects on Wages

Visa Overstays Don’t Negate the Benefits of Border Barriers

What Will Obama’s Greenhouse Gas Regulations Cost and Achieve?

Quantifying Illegal Votes Cast by Non-Citizens in the Battleground States of the 2020 Presidential Election

Question of the Day

What is done to preborn humans during a procedure that the New York Times described yesterday as a “common form of second-trimester abortion”? 3 On 8/18/21, the New York Times

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Question of the Day

…in Georgia was 11,779 votes. All of this data is from Georgia’s Secretary of State, the primary source for it. A so-called “fact check” by the New York Times denies…

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Question of the Day

…unit” exemption, an illegal immigrant told the New York Times in 2018 that he took his daughter on a dangerous journey to illegally cross the U.S. border because, “She was…

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Question of the Day

In January 2020, who called Covid-19 “the Wuhan coronavirus” and stated that “declaring an emergency may stigmatize the country struggling with an outbreak”? 3 On January 23, 2020, the New…

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Question of the Day

…it chose to pursue a strategy of building herd immunity, while media outlets like the New York Times called it “the world’s cautionary tale.” Now, journalists and politicians are blaming…

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Question of the Day

According to the New York Times, why is “everyone moving to Texas”? 4 In a NY Times column titled “Everyone’s Moving to Texas. Here’s Why,” Times columnist Farhad Manjoo cites…

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